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T-Mobile Announces 10GB Family Plan For $100

T-Mobile is going after family plan pricing with their latest promotional deal offering a total of 10GBs of to a family of 4 for $100 a month starting today.

The promotion is available until September, and will last through 2016.

Unlike AT&T and Verizon’s similar 10GB plans, the data isn’t shared across the four lines. T-Mobile’s promotion offers 2.5GBs of data per users. Continue reading

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Download Google Play Music To Your Computer

Google Play Music offers a huge assortment of genres for music lovers of any kind, but what if you don’t want to listen to your purchased music from a web browser?

What if you want to put your music on an iPod, or your smartphone so you can run to your favorite music?

Unfortunately for Android users, the Google Play Music app treats all music the same, hiding it away from prying eyes, whether you own in it or it not.

Google Play Music may be best enjoyed in a browser or on your smartphone, but it wouldn’t be much of a music service if you couldn’t download high quality MP3s. Thankfully there are a couple of ways of downloading your music. Continue reading

Google Voice

Update Make Google Voice Calls Via Hangouts

Google Voice users can now place phone calls via Hangouts right from the Voice website, no Google+ account required.

Google Voice is a popular forwarding service that gives a user a single number they can forward calls to all of their phones. One number for home, work and cell phones.

Voice also offers competitive international calling and free local and long-distance calling with the United States.

Screen_Shot_2014-07-24_at_11_25_50_AMUsers can now select Hangouts as the phone to call in on the Google Voice website.

Ounce the call is initiated a Hangouts window appears and asks the user to confirm they would like to make the call.

If the call is to number outside the United States it also gives the rate for the region if applicable.

Users are no longer required to be using Hangouts in Gmail or Google+ to take advantage of Google Voice calling from a computer.

According to Google employee, Alex Wiesen, the feature should make it easier for users to make phone calls from the web.

Prior to the release of Hangouts last year, users could easily place calls from their Gmail account using Google Talk.

After the update to Hangouts, users could no longer could place calls using their Google Voice number. The functionality had disappeared. It was later added again, this time requiring users to launch a new video chat from Google+ first.

The update is already visible on the Google Voice website ready for some free calls.

Source: Alex Wiesen – Google+
Via: Engadget


Microsoft Ends Android Powered Nokia Phones

It is official Microsoft will put an end to Android powered Nokia phones in favor of their own home grown software experience Windows Phone.

In an open letter to employees, devices and services lead Stephen Elop wrote, “we plan to deliver additional lower-cost Lumia devices by shifting select future Nokia X designs and products to Windows Phone devices. ” Continue reading

Google Maps Cover

Google Maps Updated With Elevation Info & Voice Commands

Bikers may have a new use of Google Maps thanks to an update released today for the popular navigation app for Android.

The latest update added visual elevation information to the route as well as voice controls for better hands free navigation.

Elevation data can now be leveraged when building a route, something that may not be the most useful for drivers, but definitely is a consideration for bikers, who may not want the fastest route if it means hills. Continue reading

Chromecast Update

Chromecast App Updated With Screen Mirroring Support

The Chromecast App for Android added support for display mirroring in an update released today.

Android users with a supported device can now cast their what is on their display to their television.

This feature was presented at this years Google’s I/O developer conference as an integrated feature in the upcoming Android L release. Continue reading


Google Planning To Merge Quickoffice Features In Drive

Google acquired Quickoffice last year and with it released it first as a business utility for those wishing to use Google’s services but needing support for Office documents.

Later last fall they pushed it out to the general public and offered a 10GB Google Drive incentive to do so to try it.

Many of these features have been integrated into Google Drive’s web app, making it possible to open and in some cases edit Microsoft Office documents.

Now Google has announced plans to retire Quickoffice after merging key functionality into Drive, namely native Microsoft Office document editing support. Continue reading


BLU Announces First Batch Of Devices Receiving Kitkat

BLU Products announced its first batch of eight smartphones that will be receiving an update to Google’s latest version of Android Kitkat.

Up until now BLU has been selling their smartphones running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with the promise of an upgrade to Kitkat this summer. Summer has arrived and not 10 days later they have made good on that promise. Continue reading

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