Google Drive vs. Office Online

Microsoft Office Online Vs. Google Drive – The Online Office Suite Shootout

Microsoft’s flagship office suite made its way to the Chrome Web Store last week in the form of Office Online.

Office Online brings Microsoft office to the web and is now poised to be a direct competitor to Google Drive.

While this might seem like a big deal, all it really means is that you can get to apps that already existed.

You could access the Office Online apps via OneDrive in any browser. Until recently, the Office Web Apps had limited functionality. A recent update brought them inline with the tools offered by Google Drive.

By releasing their office suite into the Chrome Web Store, Microsoft has pitted themselves directly against the Chrome-native Google Drive.

But how do they compare? Continue reading

Custom ROM Cover Image

How To Install A Custom ROM

One of the great many advantages of Android is how customizable it is. Developers can take the code, and bend it to their liking. A custom ROM is a great example of this.

Developers have taken code, written by Google, and built a unique Android experience from it.

Installing Custom ROMs is a fairly easy process once your device is rooted and a custom recovery has been installed.

This how-to, focuses on installing a custom ROM manually in ClockworkMod Recovery. The process however, is similar for those of you using the TeamWin Recovery.

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Hangouts Image

Google Hangouts Update v2.1 Adds Merged Message Feeds Widget and New Style

A major update to Google Hangouts, which features a merged message feed for SMS, a new style and widget, was announced today by Google developer Mike Dodd via Google+.

The update is due to roll out over the next couple of weeks on the Google Play Store, but leaked APKs are already surfacing on various Android blogs around the internet.

The update appears to resolve several criticisms of the original app, including the disjointed SMS and Hangouts integration. Continue reading


Seeking Guest Writers

Over the past couple of days I have been toying with the idea of opening the Freed Up Thoughts blog to guest writers, and potentially regular contributors.

Who Am I Looking For?

Ideally I would like to find individuals interested in writing opinion, editorials, and potentially news releases and features related to mobile technology.

See the topics list on the right for examples of what I am looking for.

Writers need to have a strong understanding of the English language and ideally experience writing  for the web.

Do you fit the bill? Still interested? Read on. Continue reading

Google Camera Cover Image

First Look At The Google Camera App

Google’s rumored camera app revamp appeared today in the Play Store, features a new design, simulated lens blur and improved photosphere features.

The Google Camera app completely reimagines the stock camera app released with 4.2 Jellybean, simplifying the interface and making it easier to find the core features.

With this release Google opens up the camera app to any device running Android 4.4 or later, prior to this many of the Google camera features were limited to Nexus devices. Continue reading

Google Glass

Google Glass Available To The Public Today & Why I’m Not Biting

This is going to be a short post. If you were expect another news release about how Google Glass is available to the general public today then thats fine, you will get the main points from this.

Google announced it would be opening up Google Glass for purchase today. Anyone can purchase a $1500 dollar pair of prototype glasses with limited functionality and a dogmatic public image. Continue reading

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