If your familiar with the original Edgebound desktop you are familiar with its premise to provide a simple minimal yet feature rich product. The idea was to create an environment that took up as little space as possible and hid away from view when an application took presidency over it. A combination of Unity style taskbar and wing-panels for system and media control, all of which hide away when not needed.

History Of Edgebound Theme
In January of last year I put together what would become the Edgebound desktop consisting entirely of AWN based panels, and a simple stylish modification of the “Little Glass” theme, called Dark Glass. The rest was intended to be based upon preference. In March of 2011 it was published, unfortunately it didn’t get recognized and before long it was obsolete. The original theme at best was a loose guide for configuring the panels so that they would operate in the way intended, and no special scripts to modify theme configuration files.

This January after playing around with the unity-2d config files to put together the “Unitary Gnome” gnome-shell tweak that made getting a simple easy to use unity style dock into gnome-shell. Edgebound has been a favorite ever since its inception, so when I realized that i could recreate it I jumped at the idea. Recreating it wasn’t enough it had to be more efficient and require less configuration.

Writing the script to install the package the required configuration files became somewhat of a nightmare but eventually it worked out fine. To give you an idea of how truely special the Edgebound desktop is checkout the video below.

The theme is available for download at the link below. Please be sure to have installed gnome-shell before starting the installation as it relies on the fallback modes “Gnome-Classic.” Please understand that this theme is still under development. Changes are sure to come.

Please leave your comments here or on the deviant art page above.
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  • I followed your directions exactly and the grey top bar is still there, how do I get rid of it?

  • Sorry to hear, please post bugs to the deviant art page. Are you sure you logged into the Gnome-Classic Desktop?