Flyne an offline feed reader by Joaquim Verges, the developer behind Falcon Pro introduces a new way to consume web content on mobile.

FLYNEThe reader automatically curates content from feeds across the web, allowing them to be read without a data connection.

Preconfigured feeds are available for free in Flyne. Twitter and Feedly integration can be unlocked through in-app purchases, adding support for custom feeds.

Feedly support can be unlocked for a very reasonable 99¢. Twitter support however will run you $1.99.

This is likely to avoid the issues with limited number of  Twitter tokens available to the app, An issue the plagued the developer in his previous app Falcon Pro.


Flyne is pretty easy to navigate.

A swipe from the left edge reveals a list of available feeds.

A swipe from the right edge, reveals a full list of the posts in that feed.

Navigating from article to article is done through swiping as well. Swiping to the left over an article moves to the next, and vise versa.

A “More Sources” page allows more topics to be added, or custom feeds from Twitter or Feedly.

Reading in Flyne is a pleasure to say the least.

The preconfigured feeds are a great start and should satisfy most users. Feedly and Twitter integration offer further control over content.

Flyne marries the different content streams into a single stream for easy content consumption.

By default up to 50MB of content is saved to the device for online reading. This can be adjusted in the settings menu to allow more or less content.

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Flyne is available for free in the Google Play Store.

Premium features, like Feedly and Twitter integration are available as in app purchases.

Twitter support costs $1.99, while Feedly integration is available as a separate in-app purchase for 99¢.


Source: Google Play